Thursday, September 26, 2013

Top of Japan

45°31′22″N 141°56′11″E
Cape Soya: The Northern Most Tip of Japan

We made it to the very tip of Japan this past weekend and the weather was phenomenal.  I have not seen such blue skies in my life - it was absolutely gorgeous.   I can say hands down that the Northern most part of Japan has been my favourite place that I have visited thus far on my various journey's around this amazing country.  I am sure the weather had something to do with it, but I am already excited about making another journey up North.

There is of course a McDonald's in Japan's most northern city of Wakkanai.  Here's us enjoying a little respite from our long journey up North with "Donaldo" as he is known in Japan.

This weekend we are staying closer to town.  Taiga's favourite superheroes, Ultraman, will be paying a visit to our neighbouring town and we were fortunate enough to have secured tickets to watch Ultraman do his thing on stage.  Taiga is one excited happy man and has been going crazy over Ultraman since arriving in Japan.  I will have to post Taiga's Ultraman collection one of these days, he hasn't done too bad for a guy who left all his toys back in Whitehorse.   Taiga's also already made the decision for Halloween he will be dressing up as Ultraman.  After this, Naoko signed us up to go apple picking and then making apple pies with a group of local people.

It is getting darn cool now; the temperature was only plus 3 outside.  We are still persevering and we have not yet turned on our heater, but I think we are going to have to give in soon - it was tough coming out of my warm futon this morning.  The meteorological forecasters are predicting a colder than average winter with lots of snow - yep, not quite the beach I was aiming for when I was thinking of returning to Japan!!

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  1. More happy trails Taiga with Momma and Papa - beautiful scenery. You had the beach to yourself! What is this about Japan and their huge population??? Maybe, Hokkaido is like the Yukon - God's best-kept secret!