Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Fall Is fast approaching

We're fast approaching our two months mark in Japan already.  Amazing how fast the time has flown.  This past weekend we had the opportunity to visit Shakotan peninsula which is located on the southwestern coast of Hokkaido. 

There was a really beautiful Onsen (Hot Springs) at the tip called Misaki no Yu; the view was amazing and at the time of going in the water we hit the timing just right to see the sunset fall on the Japan sea.  Once snow falls and the blistering cold winds come with winter, the onsens are definitely going to be our favourite retreat.

One thing I am surprised at being in Hokkaido is how fast the temperature has changed over the last two weeks and it truly is feeling like fall has come in - mornings have been in the mid-teens while the rest of Japan continues to be quite hot.  I know everyone in Japan told me that Hokkaido would be cooler, but given that I am from Whitehorse, I didn't put much stock in what the Japanese think of as "cooler".  I was told that first snowfall will probably be at the end of October, so very similar to back home.

This weekend is a long weekend with Monday being a national holiday for Autumn Equinox; we are planning to go to the town of Wakkanai, which is the most northern area of Japan - right at the very tip of Hokkaido.  We figured it's better to check it out before the snow falls and the roads become skating rinks.  We have our tent in tow and plan to camp - everyone tells us camping season is over, but that's fine with us as that means no fighting for a campsites.

The farmers are out in full force harvesting; now that all the golden rice fields are gone, I must admit once snow falls the fields will look beautiful again!

Of note, a severe typhoon hit Japan yesterday, however, we were fortunate here in Hokkaido having no damages or severe rain.  However, in areas of Kyoto it looks as if they were not so lucky.  For most of Japan is has been a  difficult summer it started off with extreme heat waves, then heavy rain, tornados, and now we are into typhoon season; here's hoping that Fall will mean an end to the crazy weather that the majority of Japan has been facing and that we here in Kamisunagawa continue to be lucky with the weather we get.


  1. Well, you have kept very busy taking in the sights of Hokkaido and getting in some late summer camping - I can see why it was a necessity to get a car while in that region. Looks like a lot of wide-open space. Your pics are nice - were you the only ones soaking up the warmth of the onsen? Taiga, I'm sure you enjoyed this latest road trip - remember to take lots of pictures to share with your friends back in Whitehorse.
    Enjoy your long weekend coming up - it's going to be nice and warm here in Edmonton but fall is definitely in the air here - snow down in Claresholm earlier today - YIKES - hope it stays down there!

    Happy Trails!

  2. We just experienced the tail end of Japan's typhoon. Fall has also started here and we kick started it with a rainstorm. At least we will not have the snow you will experience. We're enjoying your photos and diary of your travels. Keep well and travel safe.
    Hugs, Yvette & Keltie

    1. Good to hear from you both! Hopefully, Fall is beautiful on your end of the ocean. September was beautiful, we're hoping October continues. I met some English teachers this past weekend who reside in the neighboring towns and they tell me to hold on for a wild ride during the winter months, the snow is crazy they say. The long term forecast states, cold and snowy so shall see!!! Lots of love, Mike, Nao, and Taiga.