Thursday, September 12, 2013

Settling in well into our new home in Kamisunagawa

So we finally have internet up and running and are connected to the outside world on an ongoing basis at home.  Will try and blog regularly to keep everyone afloat as to where we're visiting and all the fun stuff we're doing.  So far we've done well in settling into our new home; the community has been kind to us and Taiga seems to be doing well at the local play school - Taiga will enter Grade 1 in April 2014.

So far we've done some travels; been to Sapporo for a weekend, visited the biggest mountain (an active volcano - Taisetsuzan), and done a bit of camping.  This weekend I'm entering into a 10km local race; I was doing well in my running up until about three weeks ago and have tapered off a bit... shall see if I finish it or not in one piece. 


  1. Been keeping up with your adventures and starting to feel the travel itch :)

    Sapporo .... any connection to the beer?

    You all look happy and healthy. What more can you ask for? Looking forward to following along your journey!


  2. Thanks for the message Liza. You must be settling back into work now; definitely must be an adjustment.

    Yep, Sapporo beer is brewed in Sapporo City. It's the only beer I drink now!

    Yep definitely happy and healthy. But I'd be lying if I didn't say I missed work back in Whitehorse - though just a little!!

  3. Hi Taiga!
    Good talking with you, Momma and Papa on Skype yesterday. I'm happy to hear you are doing lots in Hokkaido - I hope you get one more camping trip in before winter sets in! Enjoy your bike, too! I hope Papa finished his 10-km run today!
    Miss you bunches,