Thursday, August 29, 2013

Yes we're in Japan alive and well!

Hi everyone.  So we don't quite have internet yet, but I will use my school computer to put up a few pictures.   Hard to believe almost a month has passed since leaving Canada.  Time flies.  So far we've had the opportunity to partake in many local festivals and Taiga started at the pre-school here in town - once we get internet next week shall hopefully catch up on the story of our return to Japan.

At the beginning of our journey, Taiga had a chance to visit his younger cousin in Tokyo.  

It was pretty darn hot when we first arrived in Tokyo.  When you combine heat with having a good time, you get exhaustion.  

Thankfully during the August heatwave, we soon escaped to Hokkaido and only had a few days of really hot weather.

Taiga so far seems to be doing well with adjusting to his new life in Japan.  In a lot of ways it has been "go, go, go" so Taiga and both Naoko and I haven't felt like we've settled in.  As well with getting a car now, we have been exploring lots.  Taiga gets his new bike today which he has been asking for since day one, hopefully the rain gives up so he can try it out - though I am sure, rain or shine he'll be taking it for a spin.

Yes there are bears in Hokkaido, but no signs of live ones yet.  So far for wildlife there has been many bugs and a family of racoons that we needed to slow down for.  

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  1. Taiga, Grandma and Grandpa are so happy to see you are happy in Hokkaido. Is that your sweet little cousin in Tokyo napping with you? I'm so glad you're getting a bike - I know you will have fun exploring your new neighbourhood on a bike! Have fun at preschool and we'll call soon to catch up on news. We just got back from Victoria and the weather is warm here in Edmonton.
    Miss you bunches,