Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Ultraman pays a visit to Hokkaido

Taiga's "U-RU-TO-RA-MAN" Collection

So Taiga was one happy camper this past weekend as he saw a live action performance of his favourite super hero Ultraman. The character has been around for almost fifty years and recently was inducted into the Guinness Book records for having the most spin-offs of any other television series - with the current Ultraman Ginga, it is currently on it's 27th spin off.  He is not well known like his other rubber friend Godzilla, but in Japan he definitely holds as much, if not more popularity - Eiji Tsubaraya created both rubber based series.   So if you're a fan of Godzilla and are into rubber monsters then Ultraman will definitely be your man - he will not disappoint!

Check out the official website: Ultraman Live Link - scroll down to September 29, 2013 to see two happy fans!  Also the entry on the link dated September 30th has a bunch of pictures that were drawn by children and sent to Ultraman, Taiga's was selected to be shown on the site - his is the fourth one down.

Taiga star-strucked shaking Ultraman Cosmos' hand!

Picking apples and making apple pie.   

Here's some pics of Taiga participating in an event that was held in the neighbouring town of Sunagawa where he got to pick some apples and then make some apple pie with the "fruits" of his labour.


  1. Oh, Taiga, you had a very exciting weekend - it was good talking with you on Skype. I love your collection of Ultraman - you will have to bring them home to Whitehorse next year! Those look like a good crop of apples and I bet your apple pie was delicious. Next time you come to Edmonton, I hope you bake me a pie! 4 more weeks and it's Hallowe'en!!!
    Love and miss you bunches,
    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. I saw your nice picture of the Ultraman site Taiga - good job! Love that picture of you and Papa - I think he enjoyed meeting Ultraman, too!!


  3. I loved this post, Michael. Glad Taiga is having so much fun - I can only imagine how excited he was to meet his favourite hero!

    1. Not sure if Taiga or I was more excited to see Ultraman!