Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Taiga's first big climb - 黄金山 (Mt.Kogane - 740 meters)

Taiga climbed his first "real" mountain this month.  He was a real trouper from beginning to end and he didn't complain once.  The hike was about two hours up and just over an over back down.  The terrain at the top was a little hairy and steep, but we made it back all in one piece.  It felt good to go soak in the onsen (hot springs) at the end of our journey.

On the way up we ran into a few groups coming down from the mountain and they were sincerely surprised when they saw young Taiga passing them on their way up.  One man was so impressed that he took out a big Snickers chocolate bar and gave it to Taiga; thankfully, Taiga was feeling generous and gave his tired Papa a big bite! 

Yep Taiga, to think you were on the top of that mountain!

The mountain is commonly referred to as Hokkaido's Fuji-san because of it resemblance.  
But I was told this mountain is not a volcano.


  1. Way to go Taiga - "Hi-Five"!!! That looks like a very high mountain to climb - good for you!

    Grandma and Grandpa

  2. right on Taiga! I will tell Fabiola about all your awesome adventures