Sunday, June 30, 2013

Larger than Life...?

Came across this tourist video for Hokkaido, looks beautiful:

Now it does look larger than life and no denying it looks beautiful, however, thinking of my home territory the Yukon, now that puts "larger than life" into perspective. Think of this, Hokkaido's area is 83,453 square kilometres, the population is 5,500,000 people, with a density of 66.4 people per square kilometre. Yukon's area is 482, 443 square kilometres (which means you can almost fit 6 Hokkaido's into the Yukon), it's population is 34,000 people, which puts the density at a mesly 0.07 people per square kilometre.  Given that, it just boggles the mind as to how friggin' big our country of Canada is; and to put it into bigger perspective, just think the Yukon is one of our smaller provinces/territories.  As my mom would say, both Hokkaido and the Yukon definitely have God's country written all over it!

Here's a little video to spread the word about the Yukon, don't go telling your friends because we don't want them all here:

Now that we are talking about big and largess, the Tokyo area population being at 35,676,000 is one big behemoth - the sheer logistics of getting water, processing waste, electricity, flow of traffic, etc completely boggles my mind.  Here are two videos, one Whitehorse Yukon the other Tokyo.  I know Taiga's been to Tokyo a few times now, however, now that he's older be nice to hear his reaction now that he's older going to such a huge metropolis.

Whitehorse Yukon Canada


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